Theard, Carrie, Jennifer, Santos

First Letter from Santos 2/28/2010:

Dear midwives:

Today it’s the best time of my life. And I’m so proud, happy, grateful to take this opportunity to write you this little letter. Even though, I haven’t enough words and expressions to write you a best letter, but I hope you could understand it. In fact, the main object to this letter is it’s very important for me to tell you, when you come in Haiti it’s great opportunity for the pregnant moms and the baby’s for keeping on to live cause you are a helping hand, so you save many lives, and rescue many people after the earthquake in Haiti. I saw you take all your patience to help them. I so surprised to meet a team like that, because you work all the days and all the nights, you made the clinic mobile everywhere, you give birth with many pregnants at the hospital St. Therese. You feed the baby’s and family’s every day. Midwives, especially Jennifer, Patricia, Carrie Kaellia. Thank you so much your job you realized in Haiti. So I have many words to share with you but I haven’t enough time to write you a lot. I hope when you get back next time in Haiti I will share you more things. You are the best team.

Your translator,

Santo Choute

Email from Santos:


This is a pleasure for me the translator who worked with you last week in hinche inside of midwives programs. First of all I would like to greet  you and your family ,ask to you  how things are running  for you in usa. So the baby’s mother that you gave birth and I ,we are really thankful for your support  during  ten days you passed in Haiti.

In fact , since you left Haiti I couldn’t  stop to dream of you , cause  you helped me to get more love into my heart for the translation job. one more time thank you for your hospitality,love , charity, wisdom and faithfulness you have shared to me during your presence  in Haiti,not only for me so the patients at the st therese hospital too.In more each night you used to share breads with peanut butter ,juice,candies,supplies,medecines and so the patients ,this morning,I went to hospital to meet someone,I got in delivery room the pregnants left asked me where are you ? It was so sad to answer them you’re not in Haiti anymore

Finally,I was sorry for the first letter ,cause it didn’t  correct  yet and I’m looking forward reading from you next time into inbox. Please could you send kailia’s e-mail for me by mine.

Your translator  Santo Choute

Email from Theard:

Hi, Dear Jennifer, thanks to you all who worked to save women and baby’s life in Haiti and thank you also for coming and seeing patients in our village. You see that we have a lot to do. Please keep us in your prayers, so we can reach our goals.