Twins with their baby doll tennis shoes

While in Haiti we saw children get very creative about what they would use as toys. The kids at the orphanage would play a game of soccer with a shoe until I tossed them a ball (I deflated 6 balls that I brought to Haiti). A smart boy at the orphanage made a spin top toy out of trash. A little boy in Joseph’s village had a toy made out of a plastic lid, a stick, and a corncob. He would hold the stick and push the lid along like a wheel. The one that melted my heart were the twin girls, each cradling a large old tennis shoe, which was their baby doll. They lovingly cared for their “baby’s” everywhere they followed us that day. Lastly, I posted a picture of a little boy with new underwear and a matchbox car we brought.

Corncob lid toy

Spin top toy made of trash

New underwear and toy